The Ellis Family and the Story of Mt. Hope Farms

The Ellis Family, a 100 year old tradition of Oregon farming.

Mt. Hope Farms, LLC is a small, diversified family farm on the outskirts of Molalla,Oregon owned and operated by Mike and Laura Ellis. Specializing in high quality and unusual fruit crops, we are proud of our farm and it's achievement. Since 2016, we have been the recipient of the coveted Good Food Awards for our Spiced Marionberry, Blackberry-Aronia-Lavender, and Raspberry Marionberry small batch fruit spreads. 

Mike Ellis, Mt. Hope Farms, Drives a tractor

Growing crops that are rich in flavor, highly nutritious, and less common than many found in the Willamette Valley, can be found throughout the State of Oregon and in Seattle, Washington. We are proud of our accomplishments and humbled by the reception that our fruit spreads have achieved throughout Oregon's Artisan Food Community. 

The Ellis' family roots are strong in farming. Mike's family has been farming for over 100 years! I was raised in Alaska on a small family farm with horses and Angus cattle. Of course, we raised much of our own produce and fruit. In 2014, Mike and I started our own farm following our university years and working in other "fields." Needless to say, farming and pursuing the traditions of a rural lifestyle suited us and our growing family perfectly. Family is the touchstone we hold dearly to our hearts.

As you can see, Mike's dad is nestled between his mom and dad. This image is a mirror that we strive to reflect as a 21st family that thrives on tradition and its core values. As a matter of act, our two apples, Samuel and Mason, have not fallen too far from this tree. They take after Mike's dad. It's wonderful to see our boys live a life in family abundance. We are amazingly blessed! I am a proud mamma - can't you tell!