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Aronia Haskap Fruit Spread


Our Aronia Haskap Fruit Spread was named 2020 Good Food Award WINNER! This is our second win for this fruit spread, and our 6th GFA win overall! This product is near and dear to us because we grow every single berry! It’s also made in tiny batches, each jar preserved by us, each label placed by our hands. It gives us the chance to share a part of our farm, and the Willamette Valley, with anyone who tries it. It's a sweet-tart spread and a much softer set than most, making it perfect to pour over brie!

What are aronia berries? They are a small, dark purple berry full of antioxidants and natural health benefits. Native to North America, we are one of the first growers in the Pacific Northwest. We also use them to make our Blackberry Aronia Lavender Fruit Spread (a 2018 GFA Winner!)! And the haskap berry? Alternately known as honeyberries, they are also an antioxidant packed superberry, native to Japan and are bursting with flavor. The berries resemble an oblong blueberry and taste like a mix between rhubarb, blueberry and raspberry. When these two berries are simmered together in our jam pots, the results are magical!

Jars are packaged in our 10 oz glass jars with our vintage label!

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