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Our Farm to Your Table

Mt. Hope Farms is a small, diversified family farm located in Molalla, Oregon. We create fruit spreads that are the closest thing to "nature in a jar," made to celebrate the literal fruits of our labors as 5th generation farmers. We place high value on lesser known crops, such as Aronia and Haskap berries, plus Oregon's famed Marionberry, and our table grapes. We use only the best fruit (organic, if possible) to create highly flavorful fruit spreads rich in nutrition, low in organic sugar, and audaciously flavorful. Our small batches of fruit spread make the most sublime, yet mouth-watering additions to breads, vegetables, cheeses, cocktails, meats, and desserts. Packed with perfectly ripe fruit, fresh spices, and no artificial additives, we strive to highlight the incredible fruit of our farm and the Willamette Valley. Nothing is better than being a part of your gatherings, meals and memories by sharing part of our farm's bounty with you!