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We grow and share the best fruits and berries in the world!

We are 5th generation Oregon farmers and our family believes that some of the best fruits and berries in the world come from the Willamette Valley- from farmers like us, who sustainably take care of the land and want to leave it better than they found it for the next generation. Our preserves are meant to share, to give you and your loved ones a taste of Oregon sunshine and freshly picked berries off the vine, a sense of place. Each batch is made from our original recipes to showcase the sweet-tart berries harvested during the summertime. We depend on the natural sugars of our fruit and use more fruit than Organic Cane Sugar in our recipes (hence the name fruit spread), a squeeze of Organic lemon juice, and the best fruit we can grow and source. So, pair them with your favorite cheese, shake them into a cocktail with local gin, swirl into yogurt, or slather on warm sourdough. We are so honored to be part of your table and we are so thankful for your support of our small farm!