What We Grow and Make

Mt. Hope Farms is a small, diversified, family farm on the outskirts of Molalla, Oregon. We specialize in unique berry and fruit crops and artisan preserved foods that are made in small batches.

Mt. Hope Farms, the best table grapes for our wholesale customers

Our table grapes are some of the best you can find in Oregon, or anywhere for that matter. We grow several varieties, but specialize in the Reliance and Jupiter. They are seedless, sweet, and bursting with flavor that makes them truly special. They are grown with organic methods and each cluster is hand-picked by our family at peak ripeness. Our grapes are delivered as quickly as possible to local grocers to ensure premium quality and freshness.

We also grow a number of berry and fruit crops that are relatively new to our area. These include our Aronia and Haskap Berries.

Aronia Berry

What is Aronia? Also called a chokeberry because of their dry, tart flavor, aronia is a small dark purple berry that is full of antioxidants and natural health benefits. Native to North America, we are one of the first growers in the Pacific Northwest. They are a wonderful addition to our preserved food products (see our Blackberry Aronia Lavender Fruit Spread) and have been shown to have many benefits when added to an already balanced diet. 

What are haskap berries? Sometimes called honeyberries, our haskap are also an antioxidant packed superberry, native to Japan. The berries resemble an oblong blueberry and taste like a mix between rhubarb, blueberry and raspberry. Their tart goodness makes them perfect for fruit spreads, baking and cooking. Each berry is hand-picked and hand-sorted to make our Limited Edition Aronia Haskap Fruit Spread and other products. 

If you are interested in partnering with us or purchasing our grapes, berries, and fruit spreads, please contact us! We will send you more information and would love to find a way to work with you. Thank you for supporting family farms!